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It began on August 16, 1955, when its founder generated with imagination and conviction the products that he materialized with his own design machinery. Manufacturing devices were also refined to optimize times, and several PLANTEC products were redesigned to achieve a balance between quality and practicality of use.

For more than 30 years, it was a provider of world leading companies, which allowed to organize manufacturing with another vision of industrialization and to keep the technological level always up to date. With several product lines that are exported, PLANTEC is reaching more than a dozen countries, competing with first world companies.

The lines of articles that the company imports, be it technical or artistic products, seek to satisfy excellence at the best level in the world. This concept contributes to the recognized image of PLANTEC and achieves a positive response from the market to each endeavor.

The company has its own department for the preparation of catalogs, organization of events within the decorative activity, preparation of a technical support schedule with institutional advertising in educational establishments, as well as constant telephone advice for technical, artistic consultations and crafts.

The premises of quality and service were the contribution to the validity in the national and international market. PLANTEC currently manufactures more than 3000 different products under strict precision standards, using cutting-edge machinery and technologies.


Jorge Guillermo Carlos Becker, founder of the family company PLANTEC S.A., was the first manufacturer of templates for drawing in the country. His restless character and his vast knowledge about drawing and machinery, allowed him to develop without limits for many years.
He was a born industrialist, he found the joy and passion to materialize his ideas, devices and machines of his own invention. Many years he achieved the recognition of the quality of his products, also Rotring awarded him for manufacturing with the same quality as the originals.
He was born in 1928 and lived happily until he was 86 years old. Those who knew him, whether by friendship, by work relationship or simply as a neighbor, highlight his humility and honesty.

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