An essential tool for the technical student, developed to complement
the teaching of technical drawing.
- Accessible price.
- 80 high quality pages with high definition drawings.
Product 9961


Folders are manufactured in black corrugated plastic. Internal flaps
and a locking system provide
strength to the spine of the folder. Ideal to transport project papers
and protect them from bad weather.
Product 5229


To remain the broad offer of over 300 stencils up to date, PLANTEC presents more than 50 new and exclusive designs. In all small, medium and large formats, our business adds new possibilities to innovate in design and the passionate

world of artisanship. Manufactured with the highest technology, it guarantees a perfectly finished carving and a correct positioning on the surface. Its raw material offers high resistance to the paintings and abrasive products used on these stencils thus ensuring a prolonged useful lifespan; its flexibility and minimum thickness makes it suitable for all types of surfaces.


As a novelty, PLANTEC developed an adjustable set-square composed of a movable 3.2 mm acrylic 45° set square and an incorporated ruler over the hypotenuse, which enables the desired angle by moving on a pivot.

The grading is indicated by a printed cursor and a fixed metallic nut locks the inclination. The different positions of the adjustable set square on a horizontal enable the drawing of all angles in 0.5 grade gaps, to cover the full 360°. Product 3202.


PLANTEC presents new and attractive colors of the historically high quality and multifunctional liquid paint JAVANA. This product of excellent characteristics offers multiple uses
for the customer: it can be used with airbrush, applied as a watercolor, apart from its more traditional use
on silk.


As a complement for drawing, PLANTEC offers to the market a new complete line of spare paper with printed weaves. Both in white and tracing paper, in packages of 10 A3 or A4 formats, it can be used with millimetric, isometric and cavalier weavings. Product: 5400.


PLANTEC is leader in the market of large-sized carved stencils, ranging in height from 20 mm to 100 mm. The font used in this traditional line used for drawing posters and signs is Medium Helvetica. The market’s need to manage with artistic fonts’ alphabet

encouraged PLANTEC to develop a new line. With the same letter heights and a unique décor concept, it is used for headlines in handcrafts, design and artisanship. It is called Art Style, Product 2300.


Further to the stencil with isometric ellipses used in the drawing of axonometric representations, technical drawing also requires the use of cavalier drawings when it is necessary for the main side to keep angle’s dimensions and proportions.

The lateral projections have an inclination of 45° and its circumference turns into a 18°3’ ellipse. To facilitate the drawing of these curved lines, PLANTEC developed a new stencil with cavalier ellipses.


Always under the premise of design and quality which is integral to PLANTEC’s tradition in the market, we are pleased to be exclusive representatives in Argentina of the brand ROTRING. They are part of the assortment of products, pens, nib

spares, ink cartridges, mechanical pencils, graduated micromarkers, erasers, amongst other products listed. Only for the most demanding users. Made in Germany.


The need to satisfy the requirements of normalized calligraphy in technical drawing, after going through its initial stages, pushed for the development of a second PLANTEC booklet – advanced level. This booklet complies with IRAM 4503 – rev 1974 standards

and aims to strengthen the students’ practice of technical calligraphy and take it to a higher standard without the supplementary reference guides.

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