PLANTEC is an Argentine company that manufactures professional articles for technical and artistic drawing.

It was launched on August 16, 1955, when its founder, with imagination and certainty, created the products that he then built with self designed machinery. He also perfected the manufacturing equipment to improve timings, and various PLANTEC products were redesigned to achieve the right balance between quality and effectiveness.

For over 30 years PLANTEC supplied world leading businesses, which enabled it to structure the manufacturing process from a different industry vision and keep updated technological quality. With various production lines for export, PLANTEC is present in over a dozen countries, competing in equal standing with first world companies.

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The articles imported by the company, both technical and artistic, aim to satisfy excellence on top world standards. This concept supports the acknowledged reputation of PLANTEC and generates a positive market response in every enterprise.

The company has departments for the development of catalogues, decoration activities in events, development of technical support schedules of institutional advertising in

educational institutions, as well as permanent support by telephone for technical, artistic and artisanship enquiries.

Quality and service were the main factor contributing to the company’s presence in national and international markets. To date, PLANTEC manufactures over 3000 different products under strict accuracy standards, using state of the art machinery and technology.

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