Artístic l Acrylics

PLANTEC acrylics are made of high quality raw materials. The analysis of its manufacturing and control is under the supervision of ISO and IRAM regulations of our suppliers. Also, our lab thoroughly controls the quality of the final product.

The spread of the water-based acrylamide copolymer is non-toxic, plasticizer-free, monomer free and environment friendly. It creates a flexible and tack-free surface. It is highly compatible with pigment loads. Free of water, rub and saponification.

The top class acrylic thickener prevents the gathering of paint in the lowest part of the stroke generated by the weight of the pigment when working vertically. The formula uses two germicides that prevent fungus. The first one protects the paint in its container and the second once the work has been produced. The balance in the pigment load formula gives the paints excellent covering capacity and keeps colors unalterable: PLANTEC colors uses previously distributed pigments from renowned companies that guarantee density, purity and color. All colors can be combined. They are ideal for working on any surface such as wood, leather, paper, gypsum, Styrofoam, cork, cardboard, ceramics and plaster.

They have outstanding adherence, permanent colors once dry and high light resistance. The medium thickness of this paint makes it suitable for all decoration techniques and its excellent efficiency can become solution for demanding projects.

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